D. A. E. P.
    Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
    The Cedar Hill ISD Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) is located
    on the campus of the Ninth Grade Center (1515 W. Beltline Rd). 
    PHILOSOPHY:  Students in the Cedar Hill Independent School District are expected to conduct themselves as desirable members of society. Politeness in conduct, serious application to school work, and the consideration of the rights of others are standards which our students are expected to meet. It is the philosophy of the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program that students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach in a safe environment. The DAEP provides a highly structured and controlled academic setting with an emphasis on core curriculum, life/coping skills, and a counseling and guidance program designed to assist students to be more successful when they return to the regular campus. 
    MISSION:  The mission of Cedar Hill ISD Disciplinary Alternative Education Program is to provide a safe, highly structured, and temporary behavior management and learning environment that will enable students to return to, and succeed in, their regularly assigned classrooms and schools. 
    Principal - Patrick Nash 
    DAEP Office: 972-293-4504 x4205