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     The purpose of volunteer hours is to instill a sense of active citizenship and service for the community as well as helping students build their resume for college applications. Additionally, due to the current issue of academic opportunities increasing do to monetary influence in college admissions, we want to set an example for our students about the importance of acts of service. Therefore, monetary donations will no longer be translated to volunteer hours.

    Collegiate High School

    High School scholars will need 50 volunteer hours and have 200 volunteer hours to participate in Commencement ceremony.  To receive to volunteer cord, a scholar would have to complete a minimum of 500 volunteer hours. For seniors this year, 250 logged volunteer hours are needed to walk at May’s high school graduation, and 500 logged hours are needed to receive a volunteer cord to wear at that graduation.

    Collegiate Academy

    Academy scholars will be required to complete 30 volunteer hours per year. For scholars who will bridge over to Collegiate High School in the year 2019-2020, will need a total of 125 hours.