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Cedar Hill ISD Board of Trustees is excited to invite you to an upcoming Trustee Connection during neighborhood homeowners association, Crimewatch meeting or at an upcoming city event! Trustee Connections provide a unique opportunity to engage directly with School Board Trustees. 

  • Meet Your Trustees: Get to know the individuals who are dedicated to serving the Cedar Hill community and advocating for quality education.
  • Share Your Voice: Your opinions matter! This forum provides a platform for you to express your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions regarding our schools.
  • Gain Insights: Learn about upcoming initiatives, programs, and developments within the Cedar Hill School District directly from the trustees themselves.
  • Connect with Your Community: Engage with fellow Cedar Hill residents, parents, educators, and stakeholders who share a common interest in fostering excellence in education.

Your involvement in shaping the direction of our schools is crucial. By attending the Trustee Connection Forum, you contribute to a collaborative dialogue that strengthens our community and empowers positive change.

Meet the CHISD Trustee at an Upcoming Meeting