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Guidelines for Student Recognitions



Cedar Hill SD trustees recognize the importance of the achievements of learners, staff, schools, and departments. The board also recognizes community businesses, organizations, and individuals who make important contributions to the district and CHISD campuses.

At the last regular scheduled meeting in December and May, CHISD board will celebrate the achievements of our schools, students, staff, and community partners. If you think someone should be recognized at a board meeting, the following information will help you decide if the honor or achievement qualifies for board recognition. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive.

Scholars who demonstrate academic, artistic, leadership or service excellence as reflected in the CHISD Board goals are eligible to be recognized.

The following items are representative of the types of awards that are eligible for student recognition:

  • Literacy proficiency for scholars in grades kindergarten through third 
  • Scholar performance on Algebra 1 End of Instruction exam 
  • Scholar’s proven readiness for college, career or military. 
  • First, second, or third-place regional, state, national, and/or international awards
  • Qualifiers for state/national school-sanctioned competitions
  • Perfect score on state or national assessments
  • District-level contest winners (UIL)

The following items are representative of the types of awards that are eligible for staff recognition:

  • County, regional, state, or national awards
  • Successful participation in special invitation-only training or development programs
  • Employees chosen for state-level leadership positions in professional organizations
  • Employees who earn professional certifications such as National Board Certifications
  • Employees that have published an important article, story, presentation, etc.

The following items are representative of the types of awards that are eligible for a community recognition:

  • Recognition of volunteers for certain projects and support
  • Donations or in-kind contributions that support specific district programs.

Recognition Logistics

Students, staff & groups being recognized should meet arrive to City of Cedar Hill Government Center (285 Uptown Blvd.) by 7:15pm for check-in and instructions. Parents and guests are invited to go directly into the meeting room upon arrival. Attire for all presentations is professional.

  • Students will follow their coach, sponsor or teachers’ directions.
  • The coach, sponsor or teacher will receive specific directions from theCHISD F.A.C.E. Department prior to the board meeting.