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School Started Sept. 8

  • CHISD will start the first 4-weeks of school 100% online with Flex Learning. 

    The Distirct is exploring hybrid learning possibilities for a limited number of scholars, whose courses require in-person training, access to technology or special equipment that can only be provided on campus. We are also developing a plan to provide in-person support for scholars in our special education contained program.  As we finalize these plans, we will communicate them with our families. 


    This latest decision is based on a strong recommendation from Dallas County Health and Human Services after a thorough examination of multiple factors. Those factors are data-based and rely on the principles of epidemiology and science. At this time, with the continued high number of COVID-19 cases a return to in-person learning could result in an increase in the number of virus transmissions among our children. 

    During our four weeks of virtual learning, CHISD teachers and staff will report to their respective campuses to provide instruction as our staff are able to safely social distance during this time. 


    Registration for the 2020-21 school year is 100% online!

    Registration is now open for new and returning scholars. You can begin the registration process now at