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  • Reading Tips

    The CHISD academics department recommends that parents: 

    • Encourage your child to read 20 minutes every day.
    • Talk to your child's teacher if they need more help.
    • Talk to them about their homework. Have them read the questions and answers to you.
    • Don't forget, reading doesn't always mean books. Kids can read age-appropriate magazines or websites. 

    Check out these additional tips. 

    • Make sure your home has a lot of reading materials that are appropriate for your child. Keep books, magazines and newspapers in the house.
    • Ask your child to read aloud to you.
    • To check your child’s understanding of what she is reading aloud, occasionally pause and ask her questions about the characters and events in the story.
    • Before reading to the end of a story, ask your child what he thinks will happen next and why. 
    • Ask your child to tell you in her own words what happened in the story you just read together.
    • Promote a positive attitude about reading in your household.
    • As you read to your child, point out spelling and sound patterns such as cat, pat, hat.
    • When your child reads aloud to you and makes a mistake, point out the words he has missed and help him read the word correctly.

    * Source: U.S. Department of Education