bray orchestra


    Bray is the only Elementary school in the district to offer orchestra. We have a full supply of string instruments for the students to enjoy, from violin, viola, and the cello taught by one of the district’s secondary orchestra instructors. The orchestra will have the opportunity to perform at PTA meetings, concerts, and in our community. The school will provide the instrument for participants, and offer rental programs for those who wish to take their instrument home. Students will learn to perform different types of styles, culture, and genres of music, from classical, jazz, fiddle, to rock, and more.

    Age Group:  3rd - 5th Graders who elect to receive orchestra as their fine arts course instead of general music classes.

    Directors:  4th and 5th Grade orchestras are taught by Ms. Tiffany Mosley (Bessie Coleman director) 

    3rd Grade orchestra is taugh by Mr. Martin Wells (Permenter director)

    Class Schedule:  

    Individual Classes:

    5th Grade- 8:25-9:10  Riley/Anderson

    4th Grade-9:15-10:00 Downs/Mejia

    3rd Grade- 10:05-10:50 Johnson/Pendleton

    Combined Reharsals of both classes on Friday, following the schedule above. 

    Concerts:  Our FIRST performance will be on November 29th, 2021 for the Bray All School Muscial.  More information will be sent home on a later date.

    Bray Orchestra Forms: Click Here to download a copy of the Bray orchestra forms for this year.