• A class set of Chromebooks is available for checkout on a daily basis. 

    If you would like to reserve a cart for use in your classroom, please let Mrs. Martinez or Ms. Jackson know to note on the calendar. 

    Chromebooks are stored in the Media Closet in the Library/Student Union. You may pick up the Chromebook Carts there. Each chromebook is numbered; assign them to students, keep a log. Students will be held responsible for the chromebooks they use.

    Please return the cart to the media closet at the end of each day. Upon return, make sure that the Chromebooks are in their correct slot within the cart and are plugged in to the charging cords. When they are returned to the Media closet, please plug in the cart and ensure that all Chromebooks are charging. 


    And, don't divide the chromebooks between classes or otherwise split up the sets; keep them in the room of the teacher who checked them out. 


    Thank you.