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    Collegiate Preparatory Elementary was founded in 2015 as a school of choice by Cedar Hill Independent School District.  Cedar Hill Independent School District designed this school of choice to capitalize on the success of their nationally ranked early college high school and to increase the opportunities for scholars to learn in an innovative learning environment.  Scholars at Collegiate Prep will acquire knowledge in purposeful and innovative classrooms with master educators committed to growing learners who are successful in college and all future endeavors.  Scholars will boldly discover their purpose by persevering to become innovative pioneers through risk taking and collaboration to become confident life-long learners.
    Parent Testimonials:
    "I am beyond grateful and indebted to the wonderful team you have in place at Collegiate Prep.... Thank you all so much! I really appreciate what you have done for my scholar!" J. Crenshaw
    "Each year I am amazed by the great things that happen at Collegiate Prep which mainly includes Olivia's academic achievement/ success!!" C. Maxie
    "We truly enjoy being apart of the Collegiate Prep family.” T. Shine
    "Thank you for providing weekly updates! I appreciate you keeping us “in the know”." S. Moore
     "I was amazed how engaged they were! Great leadership with faculty. It was structured and organized. I will forever remember this moment!!" Mayor Pro-Tem S. Mason 
    "You did such an amazing job with the scholars. The Living Museum was so awesome and I am so proud of Madison and all her classmates! " S. White 

    “I just wanted to say Great Job and keep up the Great Work! I know, realize, and understand the tremendous dynamics that come with leadership and running a school from working with staff, students, parents, vendors and all the other things in between that are needed to make any task successful.” S. Martin 

    "Thank you Chancellor, you and your staff's selfless dedication to our children's sparkling future is invaluable and we all salute you all. Thank you for everything." E. Gomez
    “I am just pleased and impressed with the quality and dedication of you, the faculty and staff. I am glad we chose Collegiate Prep for our daughter to attend. I have two more coming in 2018 and 2020.” Y. Smith
    “I greatly appreciate the hard work from you and the morning volunteers.” J. Crenshaw 
    "Thank you for doing a great job of always keeping us informed this school year. I really appreciate it.  Keep up the great work!"
    J. Smith 
    "…I would be a happy happy parent if my kids could just be in one of your schools until they get out of college.” G. Porter
    “…I would like to say thanks for your safety precaution…” Y. Wade