VATRE 2023

Priority #2- Recruit & Retain Highly Qualified Staff

  • Across the US and the state of Texas, there is a severe teacher shortage. Currently, first year teachers in Cedar Hill ISD have the lowest salary in the Best Southwest and lower than many other school districts in the area.





    Currently, Cedar Hill ISD has the lowest starting teacher salary in the Best Southwest, at just $57,000. The district has spent the last 5 years tracking teacher retention and resignations. Data shows that 53% of CHISD teachers will leave the district within 2 years, and the number one reason they leave the district is due to pay or promotion.  

    Cedar Hill ISD’s teacher turnover rate is 28% compared to the state average of 13%.




    If approved by voters, CHISD will use more than $2.2 million providing a mid-year stipend to be given in January 2024.

    January 2024 stipends include:

    • $2,500 stipend with benefits for all teachers , counselors, librarians and nurses ($1.18M)

    • $1,000 stipend with benefits for bus drivers, custodians, paraprofessionals etc. ($1.05M)