VATRE 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do CHISD teacher salaries compare to other districts?

  • Which employees will receive a raise?

  • What will the ballot language say?

  • We said no last year, why is CHISD bringing the VATRE back to citizens to approve?

  • What other Districts have passed a Voter Approved Tax Rate Election?

  • What is a VATRE?

  • How does a VATRE differ from a Bond Election?

  • Why did CHISD call a Tax Rate Election?

  • Will the VATRE help CHISD maximize state funding?

  • Will my school taxes go up if I am over 65 years old?

  • What if I am over 65 years old and receive the "Senior Citizen Exemption" and my home value goes up, will my taxes increase?

  • How will you prioritize the spending of the additional funds that the VATRE would provide?

  • How has CHISD been recognized for being good stewards of Local, State and Federal tax dollars?

  • My property values keep going up, so I am paying more taxes even though the tax rate keeps declining. Don't higher property values mean more money for the school district?

  • How much will my school taxes go up?