• Below is a small sample list of some of the items that our Print Shop can offer. If you do not see what you would like listed below, or simply have a question if we can offer something, but do not want an official quote/price, please feel free to email me Click here to email


    Standard one sided class door  $250
    Standard estimated 24x36 Poster  $15
    Standard estimated 12x18 Poster  $10
    "Removable" (fat head type vinyl) sticker 2"x2" Minimum 100 $11
    "Removable" (fat head type vinyl) sticker 5"x5" Minimum 18 $11
    "Removable" (fat head type vinyl) sticker 12"x12" Minimum 4 $11
    "Permanent" adhesive matte vinyl sticker 2"x2" Minimum 100 $10
    "Permanent" adhesive matte vinyl sticker 5"x5" Minimum 18 $10
    "Permanent" adhesive matte vinyl sticker 12"x12" Minimum 4 $10
    "Permanent" adhesive holographic vinyl sticker 2"x2" Minimum 50 $17
    "Permanent" adhesive holographic vinyl sticker 5"x5" Minimum 10 $17
    "Permanent" adhesive holographic vinyl sticker 12"x12" Minimum 2 $17
    Full Color Print HTV estimated 10"x10" Minimum 3 $25
    Indoor/Outdoor Banners estimated 54"x96" $100
    Indoor/Outdoor Banners estimated 30"x60" $40
    Transfer Tape/Laminate may be additional charges.  
    All prices Subject to change due to fluctuating media cost.  
    Sublimation and Additional Print options may be available.  

    Please note that the adhesive properties of vinyl is based on a maximum of six months. It is possible that a "removable" vinyl may become permanent after that time. A variety of factors will also effect how well your vinyl sticks. These can be things such as the environment, humidity, heat, cold, rain, wall texture, etc. We will do our best during the initial quote process to provide you with the proper material for your desired outcome, but CHISD nor its affiliates will be responsible for any issues that may arise with the installation of the materials.