• Week at a Glance 

    Week of 08/15-08/19

    • Monday- Classroom Routines and Procedures 
    • Tuesday- Classroom Routines and Procedures 
    • Wednesday- Math: Collect, sort, and organize data  up to three categories using models/representations such as tally marks or T-charts RLA:Story plot S.studies:  Creating Order Science: Investigating properties of objects  
    • Thursday- Math: We will use data to create a bar graph RLA: story plot  Science: Investigating Properties of Objects S.Studies: Creating Order 
    • Friday-  Math:We will organize data into a t-chart using tally marks to create a picture graph RLA: Story plot Science: Investigating properties of objects S.Studies: Creating Order

    Week of 08/22-08/26

    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday 
    • Friday