Longhorn Virtual Academy

  • We are pleased to announce Senate Bill 15 passed and districts are now allowed to operate an online learning program to eligible scholars. With the passage of the legislation, CHISD plans to offer the Longhorn Virtual Academy for kindergarten through 8th graders later this fall.  Parents, please be aware that Senate Bill 15 has specific requirements for scholar participation in an online academy:  

    • Scholars who failed any part of STAAR or did not take STAAR the previous year are not eligible
    • Scholars who failed any classes the previous school year are not eligible
    • Scholars who did not meet the 90% rule for attendance the previous school year are not eligible
    • The scholar will be required to participate in synchronous instruction for a portion of each day 
    • A parent or guardian will be required to be a learning coach and must be present with the scholar daily
    • Scholars must maintain a 75% or above average in all classes to remain in the program

    Only those scholars who meet the minimum requirements will be allowed to submit an application for the online school.  For those families whose scholars do not meet the requirements, the state is providing funding for virtual academies through September 2023; CHISD hopes to continue to offer the option as long as funding is available. We encourage you to partner with us in helping your scholar reach their academic potential in the traditional setting so they are eligible for the online option next school year.