Membership Benefits 

    Why Parents Need PTA

    For less than $0.03 per day, you can join a community of people who share your interest in children's education. Personal benefits include:

    • Connect! Know what's happening in your school
    • Network
    • Personal Growth
    • Be Heard! Amplify your voice
    • Witness Improvement:
    • Be a Role Model
    • Have fun and meet your parenting peers!
    • Benefit from money-saving deals
    • Transform parent leadership into professional development
    • Create an environment that helps kids and strengthens schools and communities


    Why Teachers Need PTA

    • Resolution on strengthening support of public school teachers: educators should be held in high public esteem, reflecting the value the community places on public education.
    • Create family engagement
    • National standards for family-school partnerships
    • Creating a safe space for all youth/understanding federal disability and special needs policy
    • Award and grant opportunities


    Why Schools Need PTA

    • Volunteer Power!
    • Improve Communication
    • See Measurable Results
    • Discover more dollars
    • Tap into proven programs
    • Boost children’s well-being
    • PTA links families to important school information host programs/ events for families and raises money to support specific school needs. 
    • Engages in school and digital safety initiatives
    • Offers scholars the opportunity to explore areas
    • Encourages healthy lifestyles
    • Track local, state, and national policies every day so we can advocate for what’s best for students and schools and believe we can make every child’s potential a reality.

    Discounts and Perks 

    Included with your PTA membership are exclusive discounts to places like Six Flags Over Texas! Click the links below to see the complete list of participating companies and to access the members-only discount codes.

    Texas PTA

    National PTA


    Membership Pricing

    Annual Membership, $6.50 per person

    Includes Permenter Stampede Newsletter, Monthly PTA Emails, National & State PTA benefits, and PTA Reflections program

    Sign Me Up!.

    To sign up, please visit https://joinpta.org 

    You can either sign up at the school with a PTSA membership form OR sign up online. Texas PTA assesses a $1.50 convenience fee for online registration. Register the whole family at one time to prevent additional fees. Membership is only $6.50 per person for Parent/Teacher/Family/Student membership.