• All students will enter the library quietly and remain quiet during their stay.
    • All students will treat library materials with respect and return them promptly.
    • Students will refrain from bringing chewing gum, food, drinks, candy, etc. into the library.
    • Students will use the library computers for school work such as research, power point presentations, and typing papers;       NOT for chat rooms, games, email, etc.
    • Students coming in before and after school must sign in and out.
    • Students coming in during class periods must have a hall pass from their teacher and sign in and out. No more than 2-3 students from the same class at a time. Limit 10 minutes. 



    Students are expected to wear their IDs at all times when they are on campus. The school will issue the first one free; however, if the ID is lost or broken, the student may purchase a replacement from the attendance clerk. The student will not have the option to retake their picture. Students must bring the receipt to the Library before a new ID will be made.

    • Replacement ID           $5.00
    • ID holder                      $1.00
    • Lanyard                        $1.00



    • Scholars may check out books for a period of two (2) weeks and may be renewed once.
    • The maximum checkout is two (2) books. 
    • Scholars will be reminded about any overdue books via email. 
    • Books that are not returned nor renewed will be marked as lost.
    • Scholars will be expected to pay for the replacement cost of lost or damaged books.
    • The library catalog and resources are accessible from any device with an Internet connection.
    • The maximum checkout is 3 books. 
    • Students with overdue books or fines will not be allowed to check out additional books until they clear their record.
    • The library catalog and resources are accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

    All students have signed an Acceptable Use Policy that is kept on file.  Therefore, computers are to be used for educational purposes only.  Our district purchases databases of research tools for scholastic use.  These databases can be used at school and from home through the CHISD website. Contact Mrs. Baker for database passwords by using the Contact Form here.

    Remember: ask questions, talk softly, and be respectful.
    This is your library ... act responsibly!