My Payments Plus

  • Starting Fall 2021, Cedar Hill ISD will use My Payments Plus as the online payment system. My Payments Plus is a safe and secure way for parents to pay for meals, view cafeteria purchases, receive low balance alerts, or enroll in autopay.


  • How do Parents Register?

  • Who do I contact for meal account refunds or transfers?

  • What is the 'Program Fee' listed at checkout?

  • Can I pay for my scholar's school tuition another way to avoid large Program Fees?

  • Who do I contact for a fee or activity refund?

  • Who do I contact for fees or activities that do not show up on my account?

  • What is the registration link/ login link?

  • What happens to the lunch money we paid for during the prior school year that wasn't used?

  • Will my child's account alerts and dietary restrictions transfer to the new system?

  • Who do I contact for registration or software issues?