• Contracts must be reviewed by the Business Office prior to being signed and approved by the Superintendent or Designee. Contracts valued at $49,999 and under may be signed by the appropriate Chief staff member. Contracts valued at $50,000 and above must be signed by the Superintendent. District Contract documents may be accessed via the "Secretaries" Google Drive or by request sent to the Director of Purchasing and Contracts Management.

    • District staff may use the "Do I need a Contract - Flowchart" to help determine if a contract is needed and the appropriate steps to follow.
    • All contracts must have the "Contract Review Form" attached before they are submitted to the Business office for review.
    • If the contractor does not provide their own agreement, district staff are required to use the "Template for Contracted Service Agreement".
    • District staff are advised to review the "CHISD Contracts - Signature Authority" document to decide who has signature authority for the specific contract.