• Contracts/agreements have multiple levels of approval, which may include principals, directors, budget owners, curriculum & instruction, technology, etc. Final approval and signature must be from the School Board, the Superintendent, or the Chief Financial Officer. One of these three will be the final approver based on the value of the contract (CFO up to $25,000, Superintendent up to $49,999, and the School Board for $50,000 and greater).

    All contracts must be submitted through the online form "Contract Review and Approval Request," which can be found on the Business Office Forms webpage. Prior to submitting a request for approval, ensure that the vendor is approved and the vendor signs the contract. Also, a requisition must be submitted to encumber the funds for the contract. In some cases, a certificate of insurance from the vendor may be required. 

    Once the contract is approved, the requisition will be approved. The Business Office staff will email the signed contract and approved PO to the vendor, requestor, and budget owner. 

    Additional information is available in the shared Google Drive folder for secretaries or by request emailed to the Purchasing Manager. 

    • District staff may use the "Do I need a Contract - Flowchart" to help determine if a contract is needed and the appropriate steps to follow.
    • If the contractor does not provide their own agreement, district staff are required to use the "Template for Contracted Service Agreement."