Campus Leadership Program Overview

  • The Holdsworth Center and Cedar Hill ISD are excited to welcome another group of campuses to the Campus Leadership Program in Summer 2022!

    There are four major components to this process—recruitment, written application, interviews, and selection. This timeline below sets out deadlines that must be met for CLP campuses to enroll by February 28, 2022. 

    The Holdsworth Center requires the following for eligibility: 

    • The district plans to retain the principal
    • The principal has led the campus for at least one year before applying
    • The school is not in an urgent turnaround situation 
    • The principal and “plus one” are committed to stay at the campus for the duration of CLP (at least two years)
    • The principal, “plus one” and a pool of possible team members are all committed to attending all CLP sessions
    • The district views the principal as a solid performer and/or as high-potential. That means: 
      • The principal has a track record of distributed leadership and/or is open to learning in this area
      • The principal is well-respected by district leaders and peers and holds influence with their peers
      • The principal receives feedback well and has demonstrated a growth mindset and a desire to improve and change their own leadership behaviors
      • The principal can show evidence of leading continuous improvement efforts, e.g. experience developing a common understanding of vision/goals to increase student outcomes
  • Timeline for CLP Selection

  • Interested campus leaders are asked to:

    1. Complete the Leadership Self Assessment
    2. Identify a "plus one" who will need to also complete a self assessment.
    3. Identify 4 additional staff members: Two APs/Deans/Instructional Support (teach less than 50% of the time) and Two Teacher Leaders / Teachers (teach more than 50% of the time); these four leaders will also need to complete their self assessment form. 
  • Teacher Self Assessment
  • AP Dean Instructional Support Self Assessment
  • Plus One Leadership Self-Assessment
  • Principal Leadership Self-Assessment