• Welcome, future musicians!

                   I am SO glad you are joinig us on this page to explore your creative options with orchestra. We thrive for a fun, awesome, and inquisitive learning community. Please explore what we have to offer by joining our 'Sandbox' Schoology Class (Access Code: G5V6-5M9C-ZT6C9). From here, you will submit a "Join Orchestra: Sign-In Survey" so that I can get you started on your orchestral journey. Please ask me any questions that you have (972-291-5270 x4759; martin.wells@chisd.net)!


    Join Orchestra: Permenter Orchestra Program's Video


    'Sandbox' Schoology Class

    (Access Code: G5V6-5M9C-ZT6C9)


    Side-effects of orchestra may include: laughter, hard work, being smarter in school, making friends, making best friends, keeping best friends, pizza, playing cool music, trips, medals and ribbons, challenge, t-shirts, playing concerts, learning new skills, building newer skills off of the old skills, skipping school (respectfully), self diciplne, energy, excitement, enthusiasm, listening skills, feeling included, being important, and putting smiles on people's faces. :)