• Application FAQs

    How do I know if my application file is complete?

    Applications must be submitted using the online application system. Applications are considered complete after the following documents are uploaded.

    • Resume
    • College transcript or high school diploma/GED (unofficial copies for application process)
    • Certification or licensure

    Teacher applicants are required to complete RIVS (an online interview).  

    Substitute applicants are required to provide their current or most former supervisor and two additional professional references.



    When will I be interviewed?

    Applicants chosen for interviews will be notified by the hiring administrator. Not all applicants are interviewed.



    How long will my application be kept on file?

    Applications remain active for six months from the date of submission or resubmission. It is the applicant’s responsibility to update their application with any changes.



    How do I make changes to my application?

    You may update your application at any time. To do this, click here to log in to the online application system.



    How do I complete an additional type of application (i.e., administrative, auxiliary, paraprofessional, professional, substitute, volunteer)?

    You may add an additional application type at any time. To do this, click here to log in to the online application system. After you have logged in, you may select the additional opening and apply.



    I have forgotten my password. How do I recover it?

    If you need assistance with this process, contact Cedar Hill ISD Human Resources at human.resources@chisd.net. Please include your full name when you send an email.



    I am a teacher applicant who just graduated, and though I have applied for a teaching certificate, I will not receive it until after graduation. Will my application be considered incomplete until you receive my teaching certificate?

    No. We will consider your application complete if you include a letter from your university or certification program recommending you for a teaching certificate to the state agency responsible for teacher certification.



    I cannot submit my application because my documents will not upload. How do I proceed?

    Applications can be submitted without uploading documents. Applications submitted without the required documents will be considered incomplete, which will delay the application process.

    If you need assistance with this process, contact CHISD Human Resources at human.resources@chisd.net.



    Do I need to submit a service record with my application?

    If offered a position, service records will be requested as part of the hiring process. Only official, sealed service records will be accepted. Please do not open sealed envelopes.



    Can I delete old documents from my application file?

    No. Documents submitted become the property of Cedar Hill ISD. You may submit new or updated documents to your application file. The new documents will appear in date order.



    My documents are not in English. Will Cedar Hill ISD accept these documents?

    All required application documents must be submitted in English. Documents must be translated by an accredited academic credential evaluator.  



    How do I apply for a specific job posting?

    Postings are specified by location and the assignment. Click on the job posting and begin the application process. You will receive notification of the completed process. After submitting a complete application online, the hiring manager will review and contact individuals regarding next steps. 


    To review current job postings, click here.

    If you need additional assistance with the content on this page, please contact a Cedar Hill ISD Human Resources team member at human.resources@chisd.net