Graduation 2020 FAQs

    1. What are the plans for Prom?
      Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, prom plans have been cancelled at this time.
    2. Will Senior Breakfast be rescheduled?
      Governor Abbott has closed all Texas schools for the remainder of the school year. Unfortunately, this means the senior breakfast and many other activities have been cancelled as well.
    3. Will we have graduation ceremonies?

      Yes, visit for all the commencement information. 


      What do I do with local scholarship applications?
      For completed paper copies of applications, please attempt to deliver directly or mail directly to the organization to which you have applied. Also check with those organizations for extension on deadlines. If you need help facilitating or contacting the organization, please email your high school counselor.
    4. What do I do to keep up with scholarships and deadlines for applications?
      Stay up to date in Naviance and communicate with your counselor.
    5. What if I’m not done with my community service hours for graduation?
      The district is reviewing EIF Local Policy.
    6. If I’m a Cedar Valley College student, will we still have graduation at CVC?
      At this time, a decision has not been made on commencement.
    7. What are the plans for reimbursement of senior fees?
      Paid senior fees will be reimbursed. CHISD will mail reimbursement checks to families starting in May, and families should receive their check before May 22. If you have questions regarding whether or not you will receive a reimbursement check, please check with your campus principal.
    8. Will we be reimbursed for our yearbook?
      Yearbooks have already been purchased. The scholars will receive the yearbooks late.
    9. What if I need to request a Transcript?
      Request transcripts and all other records by emailing the campus registrar, Catrina Goffney (CHHS) or Jennifer Cantu (Collegiate HS) 
    10. Now that EOC assessments are cancelled what happens next?
      For students who are still working to meet assessment graduation requirements as seniors in the 2019– 2020 school year, required performance on academic assessments to graduate under TEC, §28.025(c) and §39.025(a) are being waived for spring 2020. Effectively, this means that current seniors may graduate through the Individual Graduation Committee process regardless of the number of EOC assessments they still need to pass. However, the scholar must have received credit for the class. Your campus will contact you with information in reference to the Individual Graduation Committee meetings.