• Updated September 8

  • Updated June 22 

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    Updated March 26 

    A big thank you goes out to our entire CHISD maintenance and operations team! Prior to the Shelter in Place order, our staff stayed busy taking advantage of the time off by making important renovations to our buildings as part of the Made for More transition Below are just a few of the projects they were able to complete:

    Ninth Grade Center - repaired walls and painted classrooms in the D Hall, and cleared several class- rooms and storage areas to prepare for the Made for More transition.
    Cedar Hill HS - replaced stair tread in the 400/700 hallway.

    Updated April 24 

    Elementary Art Classes

    • Art rooms have been identified for each campus and necessary renovations are underway. New tile has been installed in the new High Pointe Elementary School and Highlands Elementary School art rooms. 

    Professional Development Center

    • The new Director of Professional Development has reviewed the space and confirmed the building’s new layout.
    • We have identified classrooms that will be used for STRIVE as part of their relocation.
    • Crews will soon install a new entryway as a way to separate STRIVE from the professional development office & training areas. 

    Collegiate Academy & High School

    • Cosmetic repairs and enhancements are in progress at the building that will serve 6-12 grade scholars starting next school year. 
    • A moving schedule has been developed to help Collegiate Academy and High School staff transition their items to their new building 

    Cedar Hill High School

    • School staffing plans are complete and the campus leadership is planning the master schedules based off of course requests and staffing allocations. The goal is to have a draft of the master schedule in early May.
    • A moving schedule has been developed to help staff at the Ninth Grade Center transition their items to CHHS.
    • With the selection of Chartwells as the child nutrition services provider next year, there are plans for upgrades to the CHHS cafeteria. Serving line enhancements, digital signage, a coffee bar, grab & go coolers, as well as kiosks and mobile carts to create additional points of service are being explored.
    • Additional renovations, such as the removal of specific walls, are complete and cosmetic repairs are underway to accommodate the incoming 9th grade scholars.


    During the announcement of the Made for More plan, there were concerns from parents within the Early College Academy (ECA) program that this plan would bring about changes that would have a negative effect on ECA. As I have stated in the past, this is not the case. ECA scholars will  keep the same classroom space they have within the building and a counselor is available for them.


    The Innovators Working Group recently held a virtual meeting and reviewed scholar survey data, DFW workforce data and STEM centered career pathways that could be added or expanded in our district. The work of this group will be instrumental in the development of the STEM Center scheduled to open in Fall 2021.

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