Collegiate Prep Elementary

Collegiate Prep Students

Important Dates

  • The application window for new scholars in grades PreK - 5th is now closed. If you are interested in applying for the waitlist, please click here.

    Important Dates:

    • Dec. 1 - Dec. 17, 2021 Intent to Return Form Due from Current Program Scholars
    • Jan. 3, 2022 Waitlist application for new scholars in grades 1st - 5th OPENS
    • Jan. 21, 2022 Waitlist applications for new scholars in grades 1st - 5th CLOSES
    • Feb. 18, 2022 Interview Deadline (Grades 1st - 5th only)
    • Mar. 1, 2022 District Notification of Acceptance (Grades 1st - 5th only)
    • Mar. 8, 2022 Tuition based PreK/Kinder application window opens
    • Mar. 11, 2022 Parent/Scholar Acceptance (1st - 5th Grade only)
    • Mar. 31, 2022 Tuition based PreK/Kinder application window closes

About The Program

  • Pre-K 4 through fifth-grade scholars learn at an accelerated pace and build their leadership skills through programs such as Gifted and Talented Challenge Labs, classroom ambassadors and AVID. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is implemented at every grade level. Scholars acquire academic traits that prepare them for success in later grades, including organization, study skills and communication. This program is part of the district’s Collegiate Pathway; scholars who complete the pathway (Collegiate Prep, Collegiate Academy Middle School and Collegiate High School) graduate with an associate degree. Pre-K 4 tuition costs $450 per month ($225 for current CHISD employees) or free for those who qualify. Kindergarten through fifth-grade scholars attend for free.

    Admission Requirements

    • Scholars interested in the Prek and kindergarten program will have a chance to apply in April 2022.
    • Acceptance for grades 2nd-5th is based on MAP assessment and grades from the previous year.
    • All scholars will move to the next grade level and stay in the program if they meet the basic requirements of attendance, discipline and grades.
    • For the 2022-23 school year, space is limited. All scholars who complete an application will be added to the waitlist.
    • All scholars must complete the basic skills to stay in Collegiate Prep program.
    • Scholars new to the district/program in grades 2nd-5th must meet district criteria to be added to the waitlist for admission to the program. (MAP assessment and grades from previous year).

    Is this the right fit for your scholar?

    • Your child seeks an enriching course of study.
    • Your child learns at an accelerated pace.
    • Your child naturally strives for excellence and high achievement.

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