Bray students

Important Dates

    • Dec. 7, 2020 - Applications for New Scholars Opens
    • Jan. 22, 2021 - Final Day to submit applications and re-enrollments

About the Program

  • This program serves pre-K through fifth-grade scholars with a rigorous fine arts experience in an academic environment while incorporating the arts. Bray offers vocal motion and honors choir, orchestra, band/percussion, piano and visual arts. Attending Bray fine arts school allows scholars to:

    • Pursue their passion for art, music and dance
    • Recieve rigorous academic instruction in a safe, caring environment.
    • Flourish is a small school setting.

    Pre-K 4 tuition costs $450 per month ($225 for current CHISD employees) or free for those who qualify. Kindergarten through fifth-grade students attend for free. Returning scholars living within Bray Elementary's attendance zone are not required to reapply. 

    Admission Requirements

    Is this the right fit for your scholar?

    • Your child is creative and self-disciplined.
    • Your child enjoys showcasing his or her talents.
    • Your child has an interest in art-infused classes that incorporate self-control, discipline, focus and tolerance.

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