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    Virtua Office hours are by appointment call439-272-2000 ext7343 to make an appointment.  At time of appointment click this link to attend the meeting: Click this text to attend Mrs. Winfield's Virtual office hour via Google Meets Need Help on an assignment? The Office Hour link is on durnt 1st -4th period and 6th-8th period. I often have lunch duty or other obligations during 5th period, you may or may not catch me during that time. Leave a message or come back during 6th, or make an appointment by phone for 5th period google meets. 

    We are beginning the 2nd Semester.  Please keep up with your work this semester, there are a lot of things that can be distracting, keep focused on being a successful scholar!

    Monday Bellwork: Attendance confirmation Snowy Day Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!  (Extra credit photo or video of snow sculptures (People animals, angels, etc...)

    Tuesday Bellwork: Attendance confirmation  This was originally last Thursday's work postponed due to inclement weather.  Music Made Visual a Tribute to the Harlem Renaissance and the music that would not have been made without it.  Black History.  Slide show Song research.  Lyrics analyzed.

    Wednesday Bellwork:Attendance confirmation  This was originally last Friday's work postponed due to inclement weather.  Create Slideshow and Artwork about song chosen. Should begin Thumnail sketches and brainstorming for art portion. goal 4-5 s thumbnail sketches.

    Thursday, Bellwork: Attendance confirmation  Choose 2-3 thumbnail sketches to further develop ideas, may combine ideas for more complex or more meaningful work. 

    Friday, Bellwork: Attendance confirmation Decide which Sketches to use or combine for final artwork.  Should be around 1/4 - 1/2 completed today. 

    Early Finishers May work on a second version of their Music Made Visual artwork .  Practice drawing things using value techniques. 

    Enrichment:Draw a snow scene with a snowman using stippling only (no solid lines, all lines should be dot created.