Welcome to the Algebra I Resource Page!  We have placed as many items as possible on this page to better help you to prepare for the upcoming test.  Our Algebra test will be May 8, 2018.  There are a total of 54 questions on your test.  As of today, you need to get 21 questions correct in order to pass the test.  However, please know, just because you answer 21 questions, does not mean you have them all correct.  It is important to strive for at least 35 questions correct questions, which is considered grade level.  It is also important to strive for 35 questions, because occasionally the passing score changes.  

    Math is a subject that MUST be practiced.  Just 15 minutes each day can do wonders for your ability to do Math.  Below are some resources you can use to assist you!


    STAAR Benchmark Retest   -  Complete 5 problems per day without looking at the answers first.  If you get any wrong, bring your work to your teacher so they 

                                                answer any question/s you may have.  


    2017 Released STAAR Test  -  This is the test given last year.  Answers to the test can be found by clicking 2017 Test Answers

    2016 Released STAAR Test  -  This is the STAAR test given in 2016.  Answers to the test can be found by clicking 2016 Released Test Answers

    Practice the STAAR Released Test Online