• Tuesday 10/10/2017 thru Friday 10/20/2017

    Objectives:  W.W.:  Understand the applications and resolve of a given Active Shooter incident.

    I.W. 1.) Write a "Fight", and "Flight" brief for each response to a given Active Shooter incident.

    2.)  Map out a Geographic location, and give logistics to: a.)  Tactically out smart and "Eliminate the Threat".  Address "Cover", and "Conceal"; angles, different personnel, and equipment, tactical plan/safety measures. 

    b.)  Safely save as many lives as possible, "Staging".

    c.)  Clean up: HAZMAT, rinder aid, and medical care.  Identify all dead personnel, and crime scenes.  Identify the dead and injured.  Contact next of kin.

    d.)  Investigation, and brief of episode.  Identify Active Shooter/s and Criminal Profile of such A.S.'s.  Map out the entire episode from initial research and communication given for such episode.  Identify weapons used and how A.S.'s came to posses such weapons.  Motive.  Identify victims/targets and why they were targeted.  The day or occasion of the incident.  All physical forensic materials of evidence and processing of the crimes scene/s.  Interviews and interrogations of such victims, witnesses, next of kin, and immediate family members.  Death certificates given.  

       Students will be shown two documentaries from past incidents and how we have grown and learned to resolve such incidents better today.  Our techniques and applications today can allow for us to process such incidents better as we learn from our mistakes.  Such concepts as "The battle of Jerico" technique and how this technique fails.  What we do when we are over powered by larger of better weapons today and how Law Enforcement today carries better equipment and uses robots and drones instead of personnel for certain calls and applications of safety.