• Principles of Technology                                

    Instructor:          Denise Grell 

                    Email:  denise.grell@chisd.net

                    School phone:  469-272-2000 ext. 7340

                    Conference times:  10:15 – 11:00

    Credit:  ½ credit per semester—1 credit per year


    Course overview:

    Principles of Technology is a course in applied science that is designed to prepare students more effectively for the advances in technology.  It blends an understanding of basic principles with practice in practical applications.  Principles of Technology includes 7 units of instruction dealing with each principle as it applies in the four energy systems: mechanical, fluid, thermal, and electrical.  The 7 units that will be covered are force, work, rate, resistance, energy, power, and force transformers.  Emphasis will also be placed on hands on activities, creative thinking and problem solving, while having fun learning.  This class is a necessity for all young men and women who want to be productive in today’s technological society.



    Expectations levels are high in Principles of Technology.  Students are expected to come to class with their materials and prepared to learn.  They are to ask questions and become actively involved in their own learning by participating in all class activities and discussions.  All homework, projects, labs and assignments are due on the due date.  If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for getting all make up work and returning it within the time allotted according to the student handbook.  Missed exams are to be made up before or after school, or at lunch.  All forms of cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated.


    Required supplies:

    It is required that each student have a composition notebook for a journal for keeping notes and a binder for returned papers, handouts, etc. This journal will be graded, and students are expected to be able to locate and produce a paper if needed. In addition, there will be a supply list sent home the first week. These supplies will be required by 2nd Monday school begins. Donations of Kleenex and hand sanitizer are greatly appreciated and will receive extra credit (3 per nine weeks).



                    Tests/Projects                                                   40% 

                    Daily Work                                                         60%

    These percentages will make up 85% of the student’s grade, with the remaining 15% coming from the district required final exam.


    Course Schedule:

    The following is a tentative course schedule.

    Semester 1                                                                                         Semester 2

    Lab Management                                                                            Newton’s Laws of Motion

    Quantitative Variables                                                                    Mechanical Force

    1 Dimensional Motion                                                                    Momentum and Impulse

    2 Dimensional Motion                                                                    Work Energy Theorem

    Technological Contributions to Science                                       Electromagnetism

    Engineering Design Cycle                                                               Wave Characteristics

    Thermodynamics                                                                             Atomic and Nuclear Forces

    Alternative Energy                                                                           Photoelectric Effect


    Lab Safety:

    Science is a Technology and lab based class and it is of utmost importance that students become familiar with and follow all technology acceptable use policies and lab safety rules, lab procedures, and oral instructions.  A CHISD safety contract will be completed and turned in by each student before they are allowed to participate in a lab activity.  Failure to turn in the safety contract will prevent a student from participating in lab and may result in a zero for the grade.  In Addition, all students will score 80% or better on a basic safety test before they will be allowed to participate in a lab.


    Exams and major projects:

    Students will be given adequate notice of upcoming exams and project due dates. These will be posted in the classroom and website. There will be three tests each 9 weeks.



    Tutoring will be offered before school according to the schedule posted in the classroom.  Students are expected to come prepared with questions about the topic on which they are requesting help.


    School policies, attendance, tardies, discipline

    All campus and district rules and policies will be enforced.  Students should be respectful of school and personal property and behave in an appropriate manner at all times.


    I am looking forward to working with your student.



    Denise Grell

    Cedar Hill High School