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    Mr. Jesse Turner, Instructor




    This course is designed to provide students with the experience of enrollment in a college-level class, as well as to prepare them for the Advanced Placement Exam in May 2018. The students will be expected to interpret documents, create critical essays, and master a clear understanding of significant body of factual information. The course will emphasize a series of key concepts designated by the College Board as essential to a comprehensive study of Psychology.

    Textbook: Understanding Psychology, Copyright 2014; McGraw Hill

    Materials needed are: two three-ring binders, colored pencils/markers, highlighters, pens, 3 x 5 note cards, and any other organizational tools that will help you be successful.



    Students are expected to: 

    1).  Keep one notebook in a three ring binder.

    2).  Keep all of their materials organized in an order by unit and chapter of study. This type of organization will make it much easier to prepare for class discussions, activities, tests and the final AP exam.

    3).  Complete ALL assignments whether reading, writings, projects, demonstrations are due on the dates listed in the semester outline unless changed by the instructor.

    4).  Read in their entirety ALL readings whether in the text, handouts, or documents will be read.

    5).  Show RESPECT, exercise COURTESY to all members of the class at all times, and value and practice HONESTY

    6).  Turn in all work and take all test on CourseSites.


    Class Policies

    1. Students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings or he/she she will be marked tardy.


    1.  If a student is absent from school, it is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to ask what material or work was missed and to be completed within the next school day of the absence.



    1.  If a student misses a test, that test MUST be made up WITHIN TWO DAYS. Arrangements to make up tests need to be made with the instructor.


    1. Students are expected to be prepared for class will all necessary materials (notebooks, pencil or pen, text) and to turn in all written assignments ON TIME!!!! Late homework will be counted off. Late projects / essays will not be accepted for full credit.


    1. Students are expected to read ALL material assigned - in other words be PREPARED.


    1. All papers must have a name and a date on the front page. Papers that are turned with without names may be reduced.


    1. All assignments must be typed, unless otherwise directed by the instructor.


    1. Students are expected to take notes during lecture/discussions.


    1. Students are expected to follow the following regarding plagiarism:

    Plagiarism Statement: Plagiarism is the use of another‘s words or ideas and the presentation of them as though they are entirely one‘s own. Acts of plagiarism might include, but are not limited to 1.) using words or ideas from a published source without proper documentation; 2.) using the work of another student (e.g. copying another student‘s homework, composition, or project); 3.) using excessive editing suggestions of another student, parent, or paid author.

    1. No profanity or slurs against others will be tolerated.


    1. Cell phones are not to been seen or heard, unless being used in class as directed by instructor.


    1.  No food or drink will be allowed in the classroom.


    1.  Have a good time and learn as much as we possibly can!!!!!!!


    Grading Policy - A Point System

    All graded experiences will be given a numerical grade based on a point system. In order to arrive at an average, the student's total earned points will be divided by the total possible points that have been earned. There will be numerous grades per semester. These graded experiences will include but are not limited to: guided reading assignments, essays, quizzes, major exams, debates, presentations, simulations, projects, etc.


    Conferences and Study Sessions

    I will be available for individual parent conferences upon request. Students and parents are requested to make an appointment with the instructor in advance of the date they wish extra help or conference. Email is my communication of choice.



    Tutoring is on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-4:15 or by appointment


    A Special Note to Parents

    I am very excited about the new school year and want each parent to know that I am only an email or phone call away.

    I strongly believe that education is a "family affair". Therefore, it is always helpful when there is interest at home in student activity and progress in the class. Inquire often what your son or daughter is talking about or studying in AP Psychology.  Remember that in this college level, students can count on having homework nearly every day.

    It is my wish that each student will be successful, but I can only work from one end. Students and parents must take responsibility on their end as well. If we work together, success is assured. Please feel free to write a note or letter telling me about any special things that I should know about your son or daughter.

    Please sign below and return so that I am aware that you have read this syllabus as well as the schedule for the first unit. It is a good idea for you to know where your child keeps the syllabus and unit schedule so that you may refer to it if there is an absence, or if you have questions throughout the year.

    I am looking forward to an enriching and exciting year.





    I have read the AP Psychology syllabus and the pacing guide and understand the requirements of this course.

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