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Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Science in Criminal Justice in Administration in Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix Bachelors of Behavioral Science in Communication from Hardin Simmons University TCOLE certified Texas Peace Officer TCOLE Cybercrimes Investigator

Mr. Brent Baird

Good Day Cedar Hill LONGHORNS!!!!!

  Welcome to the world of Criminal Justice. This is a comprehensive study of the history of policing, our courts and practices, how the laws are made, cultural diversity & social norms, disaster recovery, tactical applications, PTDT, and conflict resolution. Our students will understand what it means to build and investigation.  They will hear and apply such terms as Terry Frisk, Miranda Warning and when to apply them.  They will understand the difference between an interview and an interrogation.  Students will be able to process a given crime scene and gather evidence such as HOw, What, When, Where, Why, and How.  We study and understand the process of death Row and better resolve our personal Criminal Justice Philosophies and how they will grow, change, and evolve just as our Criminal Justice System has.  

  I will be sharing my experiences and allow the students to draw towards this "Greater Good Lesser Evil" applications for Criminal Justice processing.  It is vitally important that students develop a high personal ethical value system so to apply such ethics and be able to meet the standards of a given Criminal Justice organization that one joins or works for in the field.

  I am a TCOLE certified Peace Officer of the State of Texas.  I am a former Arlington Police Police Officer of five years serving for 2007 to 2012.  I worked the majority of my career as a midnights officer.  I have a Master of Science in Criminal Justice/Administration in Justice and Security form the University of Phoenix 2011.  I received a Bachelors in Behavioral Science in Communication 2001 with a minor in Psychology.    I have been teaching High School students for four years as this 2017-18 year will be my fifth year to do so.  I look forward to this school year and working with our students of the future.

Again Welcome the Cedar Hill Criminal Justice.  I look forward to this school year and working with you.  Let's have a great year.    




 Brent Baird