• A list of frequently asked questions about bus service is below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to register my child for bus service?
    No registration or bus pass is required.

    How are bus stop locations decided?
    Bus stops are created based on the number of addresses with eligible riders. According to Texas school transportation guidelines, students must live two miles or more from their home campus to be eligible for free bus service.

    I don’t see a stop near my home; may I request a stop?
    Bus stops are designed so that no child ever has to walk more than a mile to catch the bus. To request a stop email Kim Lewis or call him at 972-291-1581, ext. 4239.

    I live within two miles of my student’s home campus. Is it possible to ride the bus?
    CHISD offers a pay-to-ride program. Complete this application and email it to Kim Lewis.

    My child’s bus is late. Who do I call?
    You may call Kim Lewis 972-291-1581, ext. 4239.