Phone: 214-702-6379


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Virgie Andrews

Subject Taught: Art

Years at Cedar Hill ISD: New

Years in Education: 12 years

Best way(s) to contact me: email

Best time to contact me: between the hours of 445 pm and 6pm

Parents must know: Imagination Required Creativity Unlimited - Ms. Andrews

I run a tight ship with high expectations, holding students accountable for their choice of actions,
words and behaviors.  I teach art cross curricular. We research, read and write on our subject before the design
process of the project.  I only contact parents to praise students' accomplishments. I have a one strike rule for redirection, because we are middle school, students are old enough to self-regulate and make the right and good decisions. After the first and only redirect, I do after-school detention, the same day as offense. I will not call parents to interrupt their work day, especially when students are able to make better decisions.