• My name is Denalda Jones and I have had the pleasure of working in the educational profession for twenty-four years.  Although I earned an undergraduate degree in Chemistry out of respect for my parents who wanted me to go to Medical School, I always had a desire to teach.  After attending one year of graduate school where I was afforded the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant, I was convinced that I had to change career paths.  However, my goal to become an educator had to be put on hold for a few more years because of my decision to get marry and, at the time, my husband was just commissioned in the Army.  Therefore, I had to take the time to adjust to both military life as well as my new role as a military spouse, not to mention the numerous moves military families must endure while the spouse is on active duty.   During our time in Oklahoma, I was determined to begin teaching, so I took my first job twenty-five years ago as a high school math/science teacher at a private Christian high school.  My initiation into the world of education was one of disappointment because I was not mentored and I had no idea what I was doing or if I was an effective teacher.  Despite the disappointing year, I was convinced that I made the right choice to change career paths from science research to pursue my passion to become an educator.  After embarking on our journey post Army, I began teaching.  As a result, my professional experience includes teaching middle school math and/or science in Dallas ISD and Miami Dade County.  Additionally, I have taught 5th grade science as well as served in the capacity of the Elementary Science Instructional Coordinator in Cedar Hill ISD.  Also, I worked as a State Compensatory Education Intervention Coach in Socorro ISD in El Paso, Texas. I currently serve as an Academic Interventionist for the content area of math at Collegiate Academy and High School.


    I am married to my best friend of thirty-six years and we have two children who are nine years apart; however, they share the same birthday.  In my time away from work, I love spending time with family and friends.