Grants & Scholarships

  • The Foundation awards two $1,ooo scholarships each year.  One to a graduating senior that intends on pursuing a degree in education and one to a district teacher seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in their academic field through attending an enrichment program. The Foundation awards a varying number of grants based on grant applications in the following categories:HS Graduation 2020

    Grant to Teacher: Up to $1,000.  These grants encourage teachers to develop specific and innovative instructional programs that stimulate thought and advance new approaches to teaching in all curriculum areas Pre K through grade 12. Campuses are not limited in the number awarded. Only one grant awarded per Project Chairperson.

    School Site Grant: Up to $10,000.  These grants allow the staff at each campus to identify and address needs, challenges, and concerns unique to the campus to enhance student learning. If more than one school site grant is submitted by an individual campus, the total of all site grants awarded to the campus will not exceed $10,000. Only one site grant awarded per Project Chairperson.

    Cross-Campus Team Grant: Up to $10,000.  These grants allow staff member(s) at more than one school site to submit a team grant. This applies to staff with common assignments, needs, and goals who meet and plan together but who report to different campuses/principals. If more than one grant is submitted by a cross-campus team, the total of awarded site grants to that team will not exceed $10,000. A project chairperson must be identified. Grant sign off would come from the administrative supervisor of this group.

    Carolyn Hunt Memorial “Celebrate the Arts” Grant to Teacher: Up to $1,000.   Up to $1000 for individual grant. Grant may be awarded to any CHISD teacher who wishes to incorporate a visual or performing arts program into the curriculum for any classroom subject.

    Each of the four types of grants above are applied for using the instructions found on the Grant Specifics page and the Grant Application page.

    Carolyn Hunt Memorial “Celebrate the Arts” Professional Enrichment Grant: Up to $1,500.   Up to $1500 for individual grant. Grant may be awarded to any CHISD teacher with three years teaching experience in the district who wishes to enhance his/her instruction in the teaching of visual or performing arts, or to use visual or performing arts in the teaching of another subject through attendance at a professional educational activity, class, seminar, or workshop. Funds may be requested for travel expenses, fees, or other costs associated with the professional enrichment activity.  The application form for this special grant is available at this link: Carolyn Hunt enrichment grant.  The rubric for this grant is found at this link: celebrate the arts rubric.