LRE Random Act of Kindness Week



February 13-17

Monday: Kindness Pledge & Q&A: What does kindness mean to you? (Students will answer this question on a special form to be posted outside of Mrs. Johnson’s room.) **Kindness challenge: Sit with someone new at lunch**

Tuesday: Wear Red, Pink, White or heart shirt w/ uniform bottoms. **Kindness Challenge: Compliment at least 3 people today**

Wednesday: Random Words of Kindness Activity- Students write their name in the center of a piece of construction paper and classmates go around the class writing one nice thing about each of their classmates. **Kindness challenge: Roast them with kindness**

Thursday: Make amends with an old friend or classmate **Kindness Challenge: Play with someone new at recess**

Friday: Kindness Activity **Kindness challenge: Random Acts of Kindness**