Niki Edwards

Phone: 469-272-2021


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics Master's of Arts in Administration Principal Certification TX Administrative Credential CA

Niki Edwards

Dearest Collegiate Academy & High School Students and Families,


    It is with humility and excitement that I introduce myself as the principal of our prestigious Cedar Hill Collegiate.  Every step I have taken over this 15-year journey has shaped, forged, and prepared me to carry the torch of unwavering excellence for our students.  I have educated and led in the capacity of Lead Teacher, Department Chair, Instructional Coach, and Associate Principal, with one uncompromising pursuit—Academic Excellence for All!  “If we are not moving forward, we are falling behind.” 

   I chose to earn my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from California State University, Long Beach, because I believed at an early age that the most fulfilling honor would be to change students’ paradigms as it pertains to content that is commonly perceived as challenging.  My goal was not to impress upon my students a love for the quadratic formula but to support them in approaching any content without intimidation, for them to learn through experience that they can and will master anything they set their mind to, and that anything short of mastery is beneath them.  The only acceptable percent is 100.

   Collegiate was founded on the principles of Pride, Purpose, and Perseverance and I am proud to say that from 2010-2013 I educated at both the main and Cedar Valley Campus.  At Collegiate, excellence was quantified, thus inspiring the pursuit of earning my Masters of Educational Administration from the University of Texas at Tyler.  Upon obtaining my principal certification, I was supported by the campus leaders to introduce the traditions and values of Collegiate in a new capacity—Associate Principal in Pleasant Grove, Dallas.  It is not location but determination that defines success.  I proudly served the students of DISD for 4 years and while I will always be deeply proud of the heights my students reached, when the opportunity presented itself, I came “home”.

   As your principal, I will be unrelenting in support of each and every student, hold steadfast to the belief that a well-rounded education is evidenced by happy students who are resilient and prepared to excel in all their endeavors, stand on the understanding that the measure of our school’s effectiveness lies in the heights our students reach after they graduate, and foster the ideal that “It takes a village”.  I am eager to join you in molding our students and preparing them for the future.  Thank you for this opportunity to continue the tradition.


Yours Truly,

Niki Edwards