Welcome to the CHISD Health Services Department

A Healthy Body = Healthy Learning & Healthy Learning = A Healthy Mind

The Health Services department’s mission is to empower children and parents with the knowledge necessary to promote wellness and maintain healthy lifestyles; therefore preparing students for a successful academic and life experience.

Cedar Hill I.S.D. Health Services staff is compromised of professional registered nurses (RNs) and certified Clinic Aides. Our clinic aides are housed at the elementary campuses and are closely supported and monitored by an RN Supervisor. All other campuses are staffed by either an RN or both an RN and Clinic Aide.  

How we serve you:

Community Outreach
Blood Drives
Health Fairs
Health Seminar
Immunization clinics
Medical & Dental referrals

Health Promotion and Education
Growth & Development
Dental Health
Disease Prevention
Healthy Lifestyles
Safety Awareness

School Nurses provide the following services: 
State Immunization compliance and enforcement                                                 
Health and Physical Assessment/ State Required Screening
Basic First Aid and Crisis Intervention
Acute and Chronic disease management
Communicable Disease guidelines
Medication administration
Skilled nursing care and procedures

Pamela Reese-Taylor, RN
Lead Nurse
ext. 8027